Children's Liturgy of the Word

We are happy to announce that the Sunday Children's Liturtgy of the Word has returned!  Bring your children to the 9:30AM Mass this Sunday.  The children will be taken to Pollard during the Liturgy of the Word to learn about the readings on their level.  The reading is posted below and we hope if you can't make it to the Children's Liturgy in person, you will find this information helpful at home.


revelation21 10b

May 22 - 6th Sunday of Easter

This is the day Jesus promises his disciples that God’s love will flow through them and the holy Spirit will come to guide them. The readings remind us that all who follow Jesus’ commandments of love, will know God’s love.  From this we can gain some understanding of the promises that Jesus made before his crucifixion.  His promises included:

  • that if the disciples follow Jesus’ teachings, God will dwell in them and they will feel his presence just as we will
  • that the Holy Spirit will come to the disciples and teach them as Jesus did and just as the Holy Spirit teaches us today
  • that Jesus will leave his peace which will give the disciples the courage and wisdom to continue with Jesus’ work

And, we too can find comfort in knowing that God is always with us and helping us just as the disciples were helped.                      Click here to read more 


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